Treated reviews : should you buy on the online pharmacy ? My feedback ! is an online pharmacy that allows the ordering and delivery in France of medicines, even those that require a prescription under the responsibility of their qualified doctors.

This website is essential in the landscape of online pharmacies because it also offers a medical consultation and prescription drugs, all online without even moving from home. reviews : price, treatments and delivery in UK

Can we trust this medical office? Here’s all there is to know about Treated Online Pharmacy., what is it?

Treated is a website offering 3 health services online on the same platform:

  • medical consultation,
  • the prescription of drugs,
  • home delivery of remedies.

The website is approved by the European Union to sell drugs, even those requiring a prescription.

Indeed, this UK-based online pharmacy is registered at the British General Pharmaceutical Council, as can be read quickly by consulting their FAQ section.

From the home page, everything is done to reassure the user on the seriousness of Treated which explains selling “medicines online safely”. Note also on the top right of the site the logo attesting to its legality.

Reviews and experiences of customers to rate the website

Treated works on a search engine in which one notes a disease or the name of a drug that one seeks. Depending on the query, results appear and then simply choose the drug that best fits his ailments.

Treated has the particularity of offering, in addition to the online sale of medicines, a medical consultation. This requires a quick questionnaire to fill out when the drug is chosen. It is then submitted to a doctor who authorizes or not the purchase, depending on the patient’s answers.

If the consultation leads to a prescription of the drug in question, the treatment will be sent and received within 24 hours.
treated medicine

Treated’s confidence ratings

The main purpose of this online pharmacy also delivering prescriptions, is to reassure the user as much as possible about his seriousness. Thus, the site has many amenities that it highlights on each page.

Official legal logos

Treated has the European approval to sell online drugs and even parapharmaceutical products.

This is directly visible on all the pages of the site thanks to the official logo which is at the top of page on the right, as well as at the very end of these last ones.

Find medicine or prescriptions regarding to your medical condition

By clicking on the image, the user is sent to the website of the British Pharmaceutical General Council, as stipulated by European law. This indicates that is authorized to sell drugs on the net and that these are not fakes or counterfeits.

In addition, at the end of each page of the site, one can also notice the logo of the British National Pharmaceutical Association of which the site is a part. There is no doubt, the site is legal.

Mandatory contact information present

European standards also require online pharmacies to present on their site certain important information such as:

  • address,
  • the mail,
  • telephone number,
  • the VAT number.

All this information is present on and can be found in the foot of each page of the site.

Certified doctors

The doctors working for the Treated site are all registered and registered with the British General Pharmaceutical Council, the equivalent of the Order of Pharmacists in France.

They are all qualified to give advice and to validate or not a prescription based on the patient’s state of health.

Registered doctors of offers consultation online

These doctors validate each order placed on the site. If the state of health does not allow the patient to take a certain medicine, the purchase is blocked and therefore the patient will not receive the product that could be harmful.

All orders are well controlled by professionals so that all treatments are the most secure and suitable.

Collaboration with recognized laboratories only sells branded medicines on its site, manufactured by recognized laboratories.

From the home page, we can see many partnerships with Roche, McNeil or Pfizer laboratories to name just a few.

All this is to reassure patients who will receive real drugs and not defective or dangerous counterfeits.

Comments and Verified Ratings

All comments and notes left on the site are true. They have been audited by an independent Trust Pilot, which collects the opinion of real customers. The rating of Treated is also very good on this site since it is 9/10.

Overall, all users of the site are delighted with the service, the speed of delivery and the quality of the medicines. You only have to see the excellent ratings as well as the comments they left after their order.

Data and secure payments

The data entered by patients on the website are all encrypted for maximum security. They are not shared or sold by which gives patients the utmost peace of mind.

The benefits of Treated

The peculiarity of this British pharmacy online is that it offers a medical service ultra complete and secure.

On the same platform, it is possible to consult a doctor, obtain a prescription and buy his medication, which represents a real saving of time and money.

Indeed, no need to leave home and consult a doctor because in a few minutes, you get a consultation via a question form then studied by the doctor.

Benefits and advantages : secure order, fast shipping, premium treatments

Doctors are available online Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm. It is even possible to chat directly with them on the site or write them a message at the time of the medical questionnaire to inform them of a specific problem that may or may not conflict with taking medication.

The professionals working for the site are all licensed and registered with the British College of Pharmacists, so there is no reason to doubt their skills or their diagnosis.

As doctors, they are not present to sell drugs, but to provide medical treatment adapted to the patient if necessary.

Then, the order of the product can be made and it is sent free within 24 hours to the patient so that he can begin to heal as quickly as possible.

How to order from Treated?

The order taking on Treated is somewhat different from the one that can be found on other online pharmacies.

Indeed, the website does not have tabs grouping categories of ailments or drugs, but only a search engine in which the user is invited to type his request. The latter can be the name of a drug or that of a disease.

How to buy on : information, consultation, prescription and customer service

Plenty of choice in treatment from reliable brands

All diseases do not find an answer on this site. Indeed, despite the 74 diseases treated on the platform and the 261 drugs sold, there are some simple queries that do not end up as “colds” for example.

However, when the request is successful, we obtain a list of drugs adapted to the needs of the disease.

Just select one and read the instructions to see if it matches the pathology that the user suffers. In case of error, no worries since the next step is the medical consultation.

This is in the form of a form of at least 16 questions that adjusts according to the patient’s answers. Once the form is completed, it is sent confidentially to a doctor who then judges whether the patient needs treatment.

If the treatment is validated, the drug is then delivered free in 24 hours by package tracking at the patient’s home. Note, however, that the drugs are not reimbursed by the Social Security.

Methods of payment and delivery

Payment methods are various on Indeed, they can be made by credit card (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard) or on delivery. This will generate, however, an additional cost of less than twenty euros and delivery will be provided by UPS.

Buy products online pharmacy : secure payments and fast delivery

The delivery is made free in 24 hours at home with a tracking number of parcels. It is also possible to be delivered in a relay Kiala or UPS Access Point in 24 to 48 hours, also free.
treated command

Our personal review on Treated: safety and reliability!

Treated Certified Pharmacy offers an efficient and fast online service. Their slogan directly announces the color by putting a point of honor on the trust of “patients”:

Your medications online and safely!

In order to verify and validate their claims, we tested the site to make our own opinion. The security side being approved, the fact that this is indeed an approved online pharmacy, we can be reassured about the compliance of the drugs sold. For full approval of the service, we must test the efficiency and speed of Treated on the processing of an order, so we bought an acne cream, Differin.

We responded to the medical form which was automatically accepted. We realize that, depending on the answers and medications, some acceptances are automatic.

Indeed, we then changed some answers, such as the fact that we were already following a medical treatment and filled in the field, to note that the validation was there a little longer and took a few minutes.

Trustpilot reviews and experiences : Treated is it legit or scam ?

It is therefore important to be completely honest when answering the questionnaire because it is about your health.

Do not hesitate to inform the doctors of the allergies that you may have or the treatments you are following, even if they are only punctual, to obtain the best advice.

We were then able to proceed with secure payment without any problem and we received our order the next day.

Note that orders placed after 17h will be sent the next day by the site. It is therefore necessary to count at least a delay of reception of 48h after the order.

In short, the Treated site is a very serious online pharmacy that perfectly meets the European legislation regarding the sale of medicines.

From a trust and safety point of view, Treated is perfectly in order and very serious. Orders for medication can be realized with your eyes closed, as long as you are honest with the site’s licensed doctors.

Our partner offers an efficient and fast online health service. It is a trusted, UK-based pharmacy registered with the British Pharmaceutical General Council with legal accreditations: verification and source of information.